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11 January 2016

Are there specific health risks to ketosis?

There are not specific health/cardio risks of getting into Ketosis. Ketosis is an adaptation to removing carbohydrates from the diet. That may be due to a fast, starvation, or a very controlled change - like I suggest. If you are otherwise healthy enough to do a three day fast (almost all people are), then you do not face any health risks.

  • Things to look out for are:
  • Pre-existing liver and kidney conditions
  • A compromised immune system
  • Generally any kind of medical dependence you already have

There is some confusion about the fact that you're eating lots of fat and therefore that will carry some kind of risk from high cholesterol or whatever. Studies of low-carb diets (high in fats) have shown that these diets do not raise blood cholesterol, and they have beneficial impacts on cardiovascular disease risk indicators. link

That said, it sounds anecdotally that if you are getting the bulk of your calories from dairy, your blood cholesterol levels may be higher than "normal".

As in all things, variety is good, doing too much of one certain thing is less good.

You should feel great. You will feel healthy, and alive and have great energy.